Nematode Diagnostic Laboratory

The Arkansas Nematode Diagnostic Clinic was relocated from the Fayetteville Campus to its present location at the Southwest Research & Extension Center in July, 1995. The primary purpose of the Clinic is to provide a nematode analysis (assay), for commodities that are either known to have or believed to have a problem with one or more species of plant-parasitic nematodes. This service is provided to the producers, research scientists, crop consultants, golf course managers, home gardeners, and anyone else who is involved with the production of a commodity that could be parasitized by a plant-parasitic nematode. THe Lab is a APHIS Cerified Lab and is able to receive samples inside and outside the state.

The nematodes of concern are primarily root-feeders and therefore live in the soil. Since most are root-feeders and much of Arkansas is involved in some kind of crop production, most samples received for assay at the Clinic are from fields in row-crop production. Since all plants can be parasitized by one or more nematode species assays are also provided for home gardens and lawns, golf courses, nurseries, orchards, vineyards, etc.
Additionally, some specialty assays are provided for some commodities that are shipped to foreign markets where the nematode of concern is a quarantined pest. A number of samples are submitted each year from rice grain. Rice can be infested with the white tip nematode which, if present, will be inside the rice glume next to the seed. If this nematode is present in the grain and that grain is then planted, that field will then be infested. Some of our foreign markets have a quarantine on this pest and any grain shipped into their country must first be certified free of the white tip nematode.   The Nematode Diagnostic Clinic provides this certification. The pine wood nematode is also a quarantined pest in some markets and for cedar or pine logs to be shipped to these markets an assay must be provided for these logs from chips extracted from them.
With a full-time staff of four and an additional 2 – 3 people during the busy season; The Nematode Diagnostic Clinic is pleased to be of service to the people of our state and nation.