Influence of Nematodes and Edaphic Factors on Cotton
Objective:       Quantify the impact of root-knot nematodes, seedling disease, soil texture, and hardpans on cotton root architecture and nematode damage thresholds.
Personnel:     Jianbing Ma (Ph.D. student).
Funding:        Cotton Inc. - $24,094 annually
Cooperators:  Scott Monfort, Terry Griffin, Bob Robbins

Nematicide Efficacy.
Objective:       Evaluate field performance of experimental and registered nematicides. 
Funding:        Industry – ca. $25,000 annually
Nitrogen Use Efficiency in the Presence of Nematodes
Objective:       Determine the impact of severe nematode infestation on the fertility needs of cotton.
Personnel:     Amanda Greer (M.S. student).
Funding:        State.
Cooperators:  Cliff Coker


Cultivar Disease Screening.
Objective:       Screen all new cultivars in OVT for resistance to stem canker, frogeye leaf spot, root-knot, soybean cyst, and reniform nematodes.  Coordinate program that includes screening at UAF, Kibler, and Newport as well as Hope. 
Personnel:      Kim Rowe (90%); Mike Emerson (50%); Devany Crippen (30%).
Funding:        Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board - $118,039 annually
Cooperators:  Rick Cartwright, Scott Monfort, Don Dombek, Jeremy Ross

Soybean Rust Preparedness.
Objective:       Remain prepared for SR entry into Arkansas (sentinel plots, spore traps, First Detector Training, fungicide trial).
Personnel:      Kim Rowe (10%).
Funding:        USDA - $6,000 annually
Cooperators:  Arkansas Soybean Rust Team

Integrated Soybean Nematode Management
Objective:       Evaluate new and existing methods of nematode management for soybean growers; develop realistic and effective management strategies.
Personnel:      Larry Jackson (50%); Devany Crippen (30%).
Funding:        Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board - $102,504 annually
Cooperators: Scott Monfort


Biofumigation and Solarization in Plasticulture Strawberry
Objective:       Evaluate the potential for use of brassica cover crops and solarization to replace soil fumigation in annual plasticulture strawberries.
Personnel:      Chris Vincent
Funding:        Small Fruit Consortium - $5,000 annually
Cooperators:  Elena Garcia

Potential for High Tunnel Production of Fruits and Vegetables in Southwest Arkansas
Objective:       Evaluate potential crops for adaptation, susceptibility to diseases, and overall productivity in a high tunnel production system.
Funding:        State.
Cooperators:  Qingfang Chen